Pilates is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century to help dancers and maximize their physical potential and to help individuals overcome pain and injury through movement re-education.

Today Pilates is a household word in health clubs, Physical therapy clinics and Doctors offices. The field of Pilates has evolved to address the unique needs of both professional and recreational athletes as well as the rehabilitation and dance community.

It is a form of exercise incorporating equipment and mat work to develop balanced strength, promote flexibility and to develop optimal biomechanical allignment.

It emphasizes efficiency and ease of movement through the development of subtle and more refined neuro-muscular control.



  • Small group reformer $25(60 minutes)
  • 10 Pack small group reformer$500 (Includes 2-3 individuals)
  • Pilates Low Back Care $25 per class (75 minutes) (2-6 participants)
  • Pilates Low Back Care Pre-pay 4 pack $90 for the 4 week program
  • Pilates reformer Jumpboard $25(60 minutes)
  • Fall prevention program $25(60 minutes)

Class Description

Small group Pilatesrefomer. 2-3 individuals. This class utilizes the Allegro reformer, TRX suspension system and Pilates Arcs.



Pilates Low Back Care This is a 4 week program for individuals who with back pain, recovering from back surgery or our undergoing Physical Therapy. This program utilizes the Pilates reformer to use and engage the deep core abdominal stabilizers that are the keystone of a healthy painfree back. In this 4 week program you will

1) Learn a home program of strengthening and stretching the lower back.

2) Learn lifting mechanics for back safety.

3) Participate in a 4 Pilates reformer class for back care. $25 per class


Pilates Reformer Jumpboard

This class incorporates aerobic jumpboard work with core training and the TRX suspension system. (2-3 participants, 60 minutes).


Fall Prevention Program

This class incorporates physical therapy balance exercise and education on falls prevention. Targeted to the older crowd, individuals with vestibular, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury.


The Instructor

I am a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) practicing for 20 years in Littleton, Colorado. My training include Polstar Pilates (all equipment) Rehabilitation program plus numerous Balanced Body continuing education classes. For 15 years I ran a Pilates studio for group reformer exercise and Pilates based rehabilitation.