About Me

Wendy has been a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist & body worker for over 20 years practicing in Littleton, Colorado. She holds a Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami (Fl.) and a Masters in Exercise Physiology (UK). Her private practice in physical therapy focuses on trigger point dry needling, Pilates reformer rehabilitation and manual therapy. Much of her spare time is spent painting and pursuing artistic endeavors.


Her most recent forage into medical aesthetics, 3d areola tattooing and permanent make up results from an interest in breast cancer and a desire to help restore a positive body image and sense of self esteem following breast cancer surgery.


Wendy took a 1 year sabbatical from Physical Therapy to train in medical aesthetics, permanent make up, areola tattooing and microblading, including a stint apprenticing in a tattoo shop in Bangkok Thailand.


As a lifelong artist painting has always been her passion and both medical and cosmetic tattooing is an extension of this. In addition to a 750 hr medical aesthetician program she added 680 hrs of advanced education in coil tattooing, areola tattooing and permanent make up training. This amount of training is over 5x the Department of Regulatory Agencies state licensing requirement in Colorado for cosmetic tattooing. So..


“Yes, I am a perfectionist! The quality of my work speaks for itself. I am privileged to receive patient referrals from 5280 Top Plastic Surgeon 2018 (Michael Bateman MD.) for areola tattooing following breast reconstruction.” (Wendy Evans MSPT)